Apple’s App Store has hit a milestone of 25 billion downloads since its launch in 2008.

The firm has been running a promotional competition to hit the landmark point in the life of its App Store. A countdown ticker was placed on Apple’s website to lead up to the prestigious download.

Now the competition has ended Apple said, “A billion thanks. 25 times over. The 25 Billion App Countdown has ended. Please come back to this page later to see who won.”

The winner which at the time of writing is yet to be announced, will be the proud owner of an Apple gift card worth $10,000. The large sum will be redeemable at Apple’s iTunes Store, App Store, and iBook Store.

Apple celebrated its 10 billionth download in January last year, two and a half years after launch. Now the App Store has seen a further 15 billion in a comparatively small 14 months.

The App Store currently has in excess of 500,000 apps to choose from. It still leads in both app count and download count over its rivals such as the Google Android Market and Microsoft’s Windows Phone Marketplace.