Reports that Steve Jobs may need a liver transplant have been dismissed by the Apple CEO.

Bloomberg, the news and media company, contacted Steve Jobs on Friday only to be told: "Why don't you guys leave me alone - why is this important?"

Bloomberg reported that a liver transplant was now an option for Steve Jobs, citing people "monitoring" his health with Steven Brower, a professor and chairman of surgery at Mercer University School of Medicine in Savannah, Georgia, being quoted at length.

Bloomberg admits Brower hasn't treated Jobs and doesn't know details of his current condition but makes assumptions based on the Job's 2004 cancer battle, when he underwent surgery to remove a rare neuroendocrine islet cell tumour. Neuroendocrine tumours that originate in the pancreas, as Jobs' did, often spread to the liver.

One option doctors have in these cases is to perform a liver transplant, Brower said.

"It's one of the tumours for which transplantation can be considered," said Brower. "It's rare, but it's sometimes done."

According to Bloomberg, Apple spokesman Steve Dowling, board members Bill Campbell, former US Vice President Al Gore and Google CEO Eric Schmidt either couldn't be reached or declined to comment on the story that Jobs needed surgery.

The story was reported widely in the UK and US over the weekend.