Over at iPhone5NewsBlog.com, Michael Nace is pondering all those maddening persistent rumors about the big, 5-inch iPhone 5 display. Visit: iPhone 5 will have a 4-inch screen.

With the new Samsung Galaxy S III (GS3), "is the 5-inch display becoming a new smartphone benchmark that Apple could look to imitate?" he wonders, even though the GS3 display is actually 4.8 inches. Eventually one realizes that his conclusion is "no, unless it's yes." See also iPhone 5 release date, specs and rumour round up.

"[N]ow that we are seeing a trend toward 5-inch screens in smartphones, the prospect of a 5-inch iPhone 5 is no longer completely impossible," Nace somberly concludes. The use of double-negatives coupled with qualifying adverbs is a hallmark of iOSsphere rumoring. It's a long way of saying "I have no clue."

The latest 5-inch rumor cited by Nace is one posted at KnowYourMobile: "[W]e're hearing reports that Apple's up-coming iPhone 5 will feature a 5-inch Retina Display. The news comes via a source based in China. According to the source, they are familiar with Apple's production process and have access to pre-production models of the iPhone 5."

Wow. A source in China. You can't get better than that, at least for Nace who considers this an "inside source." Because the source is inside China, along with more than 1,338,299,512 other Chinese (as of the 2010 World Bank data). But he's baffled at the indignities KnowYourMobile heaps on its own story. "I cannot understand why Know Your Mobile would break a story from a supposed inside source, and then completely discredit it, but that's just what they do; they go on to poo-poo the entire rumor since, to them, a 5-inch screen just doesn't make any sense," Nace writes.

But just because it doesn't make any sense and Nace agrees with the poo-poo, it doesn't stop him from discrediting the discrediting, so that he can ultimately discredit it again without completely discrediting it in case at some point it turns out to be true.

"I'm inclined to agree with their skepticism, only because 1) the rumor is extremely thin, and 2) the tech site that is breaking the story doesn't even believe it," Nace writes, apparently unaware of how this summarizes the entire speculative driving force of iOSsphere rumors. "However, I think it is worth taking the opportunity to discuss the concept of the 5-inch iPhone 5 display, particularly in light of the Samsung Galaxy S3 announcement, along with its large 4.8-inch screen."

So despite the facts that 1) the rumor is thin, and 2) its poo-poo according to the rumor site that "broke" the rumor, and 3) "Apple need not fear the GS3 or the [Samsung Galaxy] Note — or both of them combined," and 4) "does not have to keep a worried eye on a single smartphone competitor," it's worth talking about a 5-inch iPhone 5.

And why? Because Apple does "have to look at the smartphone trends as a whole." So what's the question? "The question here is: are smartphone displays that measure around the 5-inch mark becoming a new standard? And if so, is Apple going to adopt that standard with the iPhone 5?"

"And if they see the entirety of the top-tier smartphone market moving in the direction of 5-inch-ish displays, they may in fact have to think about those dimensions, if not for the iPhone 5, perhaps the iPhone 6," Nace concludes.

If everyone else in the top-tier moves to 5-inch smartphone displays, those folks at Apple may in fact have to think about doing the same thing. Or they may not. Even if they only think about it. As Nace writes, "the prospect of a 5-inch iPhone 5 is no longer completely impossible."

Repeat after me: "I have no clue."