Although the launch of the iPhone 4S has dominated technology headlines last week, a huge 39% of people who took part in our poll said they would have like to have seen Apple release a completely new handset, rather than an upgrade of the existing iPhone 4.See also iPhone 5 release date, specs and rumour round-up.

After six days of voting, a mere 14% percent of respondents to the PC Advisor Poll "What do you think of the iPhone 4S?" said that the new handset was a great phone.

More worryingly for Apple, almost two fifths (19%) of voters revealed that they didn't know the difference between the existing iPhone 4 and the newly launched iPhone 4S. This will be worrying news for the iPhone makers as a recent Nielsen survey has show that Android devices are rapidly catching up on the iPhones dominance outselling the Apple smartphone at a rate of 2-to-1 from July to September.

Our poll reveals yet more bad feeling towards the Apple device as the remaining 27% of voters said that the iPhone 4S is too similar to the iPhone 4 and doesn't warrant the amount of coverage it is getting.

The new iPhone 4S is set to cost customers £499 from the Apple store with various mobile networks offering the device for free or significantly less if you sign up for lengthy contracts. See Apple iPhone 4S UK latest deals here.

Our poll proved a strong response on the PC Advisor forum too, with users leaving plenty of comments after they had voted. ams4127 wasn't at all pleased about the new iOS 5 voice command feature 'Siri', which comes preinstalled on the iPhone 4S and said "It's bad enough sitting on a train while people tap away on their phones. With this new one, they are going to be talking to it and it's going to be answering!!" Forum user anskyber said that Apple were now in fact playing catch-up with Google Android, claiming the iPhone 4S was "a bit of a makeover to catch up with the Android scene if you look only at the hardware."

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