Navigating files and folders in Windows has – it’s true – become easier with each successive release, but there’s still one major problem that’s never been addressed by Microsoft: the single folder view. Despite the existence of the Favorites Bar, copying or moving files from one folder to another usually involves opening two separate folder windows.

You then manually have to manually browse to the source and destination folder before you can drag files between them.
File explorer tools are ten-a-penny, with the most notable improvement being that you can view two or even four folders at once in single window, making copying and navigating a quick and easy affair. Multi Commander only offers a choice of single or dual panes for viewing folders, but you can open multiple tabs in each window, allowing you to create shortcuts to favourite folders that you can easily switch between for file management purposes.

A large number of buttons – all customisable - sit underneath the two panes giving you access to shortcuts, selection tools (such as images or MP3 files), system tools and various folder-based tweaks, like being able to hide DLLs from view. It also comes with built-in capabilities for accessing the Registry, viewing remote folders via FTP and opening a range of compressed archives, including 7zip, RAR and TAR in addition to Zip.

There are some useful tools thrown in for good measure: manage file and folder permissions, forcibly end stubborn processes, pack and unpack archives and create symbolic links and junctions in addition to regular shortcuts. There are also basic media management tools and a built-in file viewer for peeking at the code behind a file, all adding up to a tool that is well on its way to becoming your one-stop shop for all matters file-related.

The program interface is fully customisable, but a little drab and overwhelming for our liking in its default state – however, there’s little doubting its raw power and potential, and the fact it’s now free makes it a tool well worth checking out, although the author has warned it may revert to a paid-for license in the future. 

Note this is the 64-bit edition.

Multi Commander New features include:

ADDED - Ctrl+Space will toggle selection, Start Folder calculation of the folder and move focus one step down (Key can be customized to other key)
ADDED - Added setting for Device Filtering that override other settings for the GlobalDeviceToolbar / ExplorerPanelDeviceToolbar / DeviceDropDown and FolderTree
ADDED - DeviceToolbar inside explorer panel and main UI now shown a popup with device type to show.
ADDED - MultiTag ${mcinstallroot} and ${mcinstalldevice} 
ADDED - When WM_COPYDATA windows message is recieved, It it logged to app log if debug loglevel is active
ADDED - Tab session can now be set to Autoload at startup
ADDED - Can now remember last used tab session and autoload that on startup
ADDED - FS7Zip - When creating a 7zip archive, A retry dialog is now shown if the file it wants to pack is used from another program
ADDED - Creating symlinks as normal user is now possible if running Win10 (1703) och if Developer mode in windows is enabled.
ADDED - Makedir (Custom command and dialog) now support the date tags used when creating quick create folder commands
FIXED - Natural sorting fails if the numbers was 14digits or more
FIXED - Entring subpaths in the CreateFolder dialog and pressing ctrl+Return. The browse did not go to the created folder.
FIXED - Horizontal scrolling issues with MultiRename
FIXED - MultiRename will now force column autosize. 
FIXED - Toggle FolderTree On/Off will if you have AutoResizeColumns on trigger a resize of the columns.
FIXED - Backup/Restore did not backup UserData content. (Like Saved MultiRename profiles, Search Profiles, FTP Bookmarks)
FIXED - Better error handling when doing flat filesystem scanning.
FIXED - Crash happen sometimes when MultiRename windows was closed
FIXED - Column sizing issue when the vertical scrollbar was visible
FIXED - Sort was not always triggered when doing inline rename
FIXED - Advanced filter now support extended property field "core.attrib"
FIXED - Tabs was not always loaded into the correct order, If they was moved around
FIXED - Various minor issues and code cleanup
SDK   - SDK and Samples Updated
FIXED - 4 stability issue reported by crash report system


A decent stab at providing a comprehensive file-management tool, packed with useful features and infinitely more attractive now it’s completely free.