With a large number of instant messaging services available - MSN, AIM, Yahoo! etc - it is likely that you have a number of IM accounts. This can mean having several instant messaging clients installed, but Trillian can be used to access all of your contacts from one handy interface.

The latest (v5) version of the program not only features a new look, but also a raft of new features. As Trillian can be installed on more than one computer, and is available for numerous different platforms, the new synchronised chat history enables you to read through your message logs on any computer with the software installed.

Social networking support is also available in Trillian so you can keep up to date with Twitter, Facebook, RSS feeds, Foursquare and LinkedIn. As Windows 7 features built in support for GPS, Foursquare users can take advantage of location aware features.

With support for AIM, Windows Live, Yahoo!, Google, Facebook Chat, Jabber, Skype and more, Trillian is one of the most comprehensive instant messaging tools available. The streamlined interface and associated performance gains make the program a joy to use and the use of skins and plugins means that Trillian is hugely customisable.

Trillian 6.0 build 61 ships with a number of enhancements:

Ads: Updated to support HiDPI imagesFeature
Settings: Option to not play sounds when awayFeature
TLS: Updated to latest ca-bundle.crtFeature
Ads: Images may not load with fresh installationsFixed
Message Window: Blast messages with images do not send image correctly to all contactsFixed
Notifications: Fixed issue where notifications may not show Fixed
Whats New: Text may draw on top of itself in the Whats New screenFixed
Astra: Increase timeout for message delivery errors to 60 secondsChanged
Policy: If status policy is set, it will revert to default settingsChanged
Skins: If skin is invalid, it will now default to default skin instead of showing skin chooser


Existing Trillian users will appreciate the tweaks and enhancements that have been made to the program, while new-comers will benefit from a wonderfully easy to use and feature packed IM and social networking tool.