There are now so many web sites and programs that require the use of passwords that it can be hard to remember them all. The demand of different service vary greatly, with some requiring that passwords are of a minimum length, while other must contain upper and lower case letters or include numbers and symbols. One solution, and one that is employed by too many users, is to simply use one password for a range of sites and programs. This is obviously a major security risk because it means that should a third party compromise one of your passwords, they also have access to your other password-protected accounts - and this is a serious threat to data.

Password Safe may well be the answer you have been looking for. The program makes it easy to store all of your passwords in a single database which is itself protected by a single password - the only one you will need to remember- and they can be organised into groups to make them easy to find when they are needed. The program does not just have to be used to simply store passwords, the autofill feature means that usernames and passwords can be automatically entered into web site and program dialogs to save them from having to be typed.

Password Safe can also be used to generate strong passwords and extra information about individual password entries can be stored - such as specifying an expiry date for passwords and maintaining a record of when they have been changed. The program works on a simple principle, but it is one that can be used to make life a great deal easier.

What's new in 3.41.0 (see full changelog for more)?

-Fix crash if Find active when applying a filter, e.g., show entries with expiry dates.
- Ensure shortcut is updated in GUI after editing.
- Text in the Find toolbar search edit control is now vertically centered to reduce character truncation.
- Clicking on a field's name copies the value to the clipboard when adding a new entry (and not only when editing).
- Update password history when Apply is clicked, not only when Edit window's closed.
- No longer show empty groups when the user filters for entries with expired passwords.
- Fix application crash if Add/Edit entry dialog is open when the database is locked e.g. via idle timer, workstation lock etc.
- An invalid or non-existent backup directory path can no longer be saved when exiting Options.
- The virtual keyboard no longer becomes unusable after clicking on the Randomize button.
- The Status bar now shows the correct number of entries when a database is unlocked.
- Fixed regression in command line arguments -h and -u support.
- Copying the unexpanded autotype string on Edit entry screen using Ctrl+click on Autotype label now works.
- Ctrl+F now switches focus back to Find toolbar if it is already open.
- Unnecessary tree view refreshes fixed.
- Empty groups no longer disappear when moving nested groups into them and do not leave duplicated empty groups in the database.
- Saved changes no longer prevent logoff or system shutdown.


This intuitive database means that you will never forget an important password again