Nox APP Player is an emulator which allows you to run Android apps in a window on your PC desktop.

Installation was slow on our test PC, but straightforward enough. The only action we had to take was to agree to the installation of a USB driver, and after doing that, the program was ready to go.

On launch Nox APP Player fired up a virtual Android 4.4.2 tablet in a near-full-screen window. This only has one or two apps by default, but fortunately Play Store is included, so you can search for and install whatever you like in the usual way.

The program has reasonable gaming support, and allows you to play using a joystick, mouse, or the keyboard (map your preferred keys to make life easier). But other apps work just as well, and everything we tried ran without problems.

A toolbar to the right of the window provides options to simulate shaking your device, to set a virtual location, take a screenshot, install an APK from the host, and more.

Nox APP Player also has some useful settings, including options to change your screen resolution, and optimise performance by assigning more (or less) RAM/ CPU cores.

Version (Changelog):

- Support overwrite installation with the old data preserved. You can update directly without back up anymore since this version.
- Support creating shortcut to each existed instance to desktop directly.
- A newly designed installer with updated interface.
- Added MOBA game skill casting assistance.
- Fixed known problems and errors, improved user experience.


There's nothing too advanced or surprising here, but Nox APP Player's Android 4.4.2 KitKat base - and its ease of use - make for an appealing program.