NetSetMan is a straightforward network settings manager that makes it quick and easy to configure your laptop for home, college, and other frequently-visited networks.

The program works by creating profiles for each network you use, up to a maximum of six. These profiles can define your IP address, DNS server, computer name, workgroup, default printer, network drive mappings, host file entries, and more.

Not enough? You can also configure scripts to run whenever you select a particular profile, and these could run programs, stop and start services, tweak Registry settings, do almost anything you like.

And then, when you revisit a network, there's no longer any need to manually adjust all your settings. Simply choose the appropriate profile and NetSetMan will change everything for you automatically, and in just a few seconds.

This version is free, but for personal, non-commercial use only. If you want to use it at work then you'll need to purchase the Pro version, which also includes a few extras. You're able to set up an unlimited number of profiles, and these can additionally include your network domain, proxy settings and browser home page (IE and Firefox).

Version 4.4.1 brings a host of improvements (see full changelog), including:

- NEW: AutoSwitch Option: "Automatically switch to the WiFi access point
with the strongest signal (10% tolerance) of the current SSID"
- Fix: Closing running instances during setup failed in rare cases
- Fix: Reading current settings for Gateway and DNS auto/static
- Fix: Third-party VPN Client recognition failed for x64 clients
- Fix: Missing Shrew Soft VPN Client profiles with a dot in their name
- Fix: Some special characters in printer names weren't displayed correctly
- Fix: Wrong connection speed displayed in certain constellations
- AutoSwitch LAN/WiFi switcher now ignores manual NIC state changes
- If Windows reinstalls a NIC after a Windows or driver update, the old
NIC references will now automatically be replaced with the new ones


If you regularly access a number of different networks then NetSetMan could save you a great deal of time