TorrentRover is a torrent search tool for the Windows desktop.

Getting started is easy. Download the file, unzip it (no installation or adware here) and run TorrentRoverPortable. Type something in the Quick Search box, the program passes your query to a few torrent search engines (,,,, collects any matches, and sorts them in order of quality. Double-click anything that appeals to open it in your default torrent client (TorrentRover is purely about search, it won't download anything itself).

Any search you run is automatically saved, with a matching button displayed at the top of the TorrentRover window. At its simplest, this means you can use it again with a click, no retyping required.

What's more interesting is that you can edit these searches. There are options to refine them (search only a particular category of file, or your favourite search engines), to schedule them to run at a particular time, even to automatically download the preferred file.

A "Plugins" menu can run the same search on YouTube, Amazon, eBay, Wikipedia, IMDB,, MetaCritic, Walmart and (if all else fails) Google.

In theory you can configure all this via the Preferences dialog, but that's the only feature which didn't work for us. Whenever we tried to access it, the program closed down.

Version 1.2.0 brings (Version History):

Fixed Rank sequence after deleting a Rover (Thanks to Bryan Youngblood for reporting this bug!)
Added the ability to treat comma as a decimal separator when calculating file sizes
Updated code that controls when to automatically refresh a selected search
Improved stability in Event Viewer during startup
Improved stability in code dealing with object hierarchy/parentage
Fixed deadlocking code paths (app could freeze under certain circumstances)
Improved UI responsiveness
Added code to prevent search results refresh while search is still running
Improved button clickability logic (command bindings)
Improved filtering of filtered/redundant search results
Updated code to auto-refresh search results that didn’t finish from the last time TorrentRover ran
Updated Subscription Recovery dialog
Changed handling of saving to a read-only file (it won’t overwrite it anymore, but you’ll get a warning)
Lots of other minor performance enhancements
Lots of other minor stability enhancements


Although it's been around for a while, TorrentRover is still classed as a beta, and in some ways that shows (not being able to access the Preferences is a fairly major problem). The core of the program worked just fine, though, so on balance it's one thumb up from us.