For anyone who has to travel on business, it’s all-too-easy to leave behind files on your PC or require access to confidential accounts, but you don’t always have the time to copy those files to a USB key. Indeed, installing a portable version of your favourite software on a temporary host PC, isn’t always practical. If you need to do some work on a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, and you have no access to PowerPoint, you’re in trouble.

With the rise of fast broadband, accessing and using your PC remotely is a possibility. With the right software, you can quickly and easily login to the remote PC and view and use the desktop from a host PC, without leaving a trace behind. It’s all secure and safe, so neither the host computer owner nor external hacker can intercept the connection.

LogMeIn Client is desktop software you can use to remotely access another PC (which requires LogMeIn installed) from any host PC or Mac, across the Internet. Indeed, with a Mac, you and use your PC, in a window on your desktop, without requiring any further applications, virtual operating system or Bootcamp installed. You can use a Windows application on your Mac, with just remote access.

Note that LogMeIn Free has been discontinued and replaced with a subscription model.

What's new in 4.1.8832

Windows components

LogMeIn host software
LogMeIn Client
LogMeIn Plugin

Mac components

LogMeIn host software
LogMeIn Client


LogMeIn now gives you the ability to manually force Kaspersky activation on the host by going to the Advanced tab under Options > Preferences on the LogMeIn Control Panel.
OSX 10.7 and OSX 10.8 is no longer supported for Mac hosts
Improved error messaging when logging in to a host from or the LogMeIn Client
In the LogMeIn Client, the LogMeIn Files panel can now be closed
Stability improvements


Fixed an issue that caused alerts to send empty Inventory lists when the process was interrupted
Fixed an issue that prevented LogMeIn from triggering Wake On LAN on hosts using an Intel Network Interface Card
LogMeIn now retrieves host serial number from BIOS/SerialNumber rather than Computer_Chassis, thus improving the reliability of Inventory reports   


Superb remote control software that enables you to login to your remote PC and access your files and documents from any host computer