Email clients are ten a penny and there are so many free tools available - including email clients that are integrated into Windows - that any program with a price tag attached to it has to offer something quite special.

The Bat! Supports multiple email accounts, making use the all popular protocols.The program is available in Home and Professional editions, with the professional version including a range of features that will be of particular interest to businesses or more advanced users. One of the key benefits of using The Bat is its wide reaching security and encryption options. To help prevent the spread of malware, the program makes use of its own HTML viewer which will not run scripts automatically and will prevent malicious scripts that may be hidden in images.

With integrated support for PGP encryption, emails remain secure in business environments. There are powerful options for email sorting and an auto-responder can be configured to save having to manually send out the same messages.

The Professional version also includes a multi-language interface and spell checking dictionaries as standard, although these can be added to the Home edition via separate downloads. For the security conscious, biometric authentication as well as support for eToken Pro and iKey1000.

What's new in v7.4 (see the changelog for more)?

- Improved speed, reduced CPU use and decreased GUI latency on receiving messages via POP3 and sending via SMTP
- Improved speed of folder checking on MAPI
- Improved speed of checking for new message via MAPI in large folders
- Splash screen now uses default UI font
- Changed CSS length values for "ex" (was 1/1.3 of "em", now 1/2 of "em") and for cm&mm
- If a tbuser.def file is larger than 500K, it is not loaded but renamed to .bak instead
- Plugins are now loaded at startup from a separate thread.
- Optimized IMAP work with multiple connections.
- dlNSpellLanguages is displayed when the user have selected too many languages for spell checking


With a raft of security features that puts other email clients to shame, and a host of time saving tools, The Bat! comes highly recommended.