UltraEdit is a very powerful programmer's editor. Supremely customisable, it comes with multiple prebuilt Environments that allow you to set up the program just as you'd like.

Switch to Web Developer, for instance, and you'll get syntax highlighting and other assistance when developing in PHP, HTML, ASP, JavaScript, Perl, XML and more. It's possible to manage files within projects, render HTML page views, and save your documents to an FTP server when you're done.

The Programmer/ Developer environment adds syntax highlighting for more than 20 languages, while code folding helps to ensure that even the most complex documents remain readable. A dockable function manager assists with navigation, and the XML Manager provides a tree-style view of XML-based documents.

Other environments include Notepad Replacement, which can open files greater than 4GB in size; System Administrator supports FTP/ SFTP, and Telnet/ SSH access; Technical Writer adds column mode editing; and Compare Files quickly locates and highlights the differences between the documents you specify.

If there's no one environment to suit your needs, then it's easy to create one that does. And all environments benefit from a host of high-end editing features, including Unicode support, multiline search and replace, a 100,000 word spell checker, web search toolbar, integrated encryption/ decryption, and a scripting language to automate common tasks.

Version 24 brings (changelog):

JSON manager

Provides tree-style view of JSON data (based upon .json file extension)
Copy, cut, paste, and duplicate JSON objects and keys
See table of key / value data for selected object
Expand / collapse all nodes
Drag-and-drop JSON objects / keys to move them
Format, compress, and re-parse active JSON file

JSON reformatter (Coding tab) to reformat, reindent, and compress JSON
New wordfile and special syntax highlighting support for JSON
Greatly improved performance with Document Map, especially in large files
Greatly improved performance with Line Change Indicator (LCI), especially in large files
Addressed all issues related to LCI


UltraEdit is an exceptional editor, packed with essential features yet still surprisingly compact