One of the great benefits of working with digital music files is that metadata makes it possible to perform advanced searches, as well as benefiting from high quality audio. But being able to do this is dependent on having the correct information attached to files so that it can be successfully searched. The tracks you purchase online should be correctly tagged, but this is not necessary the case for those that you rip yourself.

Of course, it is possible to manually go through your music collection and add missing tags or edit those that are incorrect. But this is likely to be a very lengthy process for many people due to the size of the average music collection, so you may find it helpful to turn to MP3tag to make things a little easier.

Despite the name, the program is capable of adjusting the tags for not only MP3 files, but also WMA, MP4, OGG and many more. You can quickly apply the same tags – such as the artist name – to a folder filled with MP3s so they do not need to be edited manually, but you can also pull in information from online databases such as Amazon or Freedb to avoid the need to type anything out my hand.

In addition to making it easy to edit your music tags, MP3tag can also be used to create playlists that can be exported and used in a huge range of different music players. You can also export select information from your music collection so you can create lists of various kinds whenever you need to.

Version 2.81 ads these new features (see full changelog for more):

- NEW: added support for iTunes-specific ID3v2 grouping tag field GRP1 as GROUPING.
- NEW: added support for reading ID3v2.2 iTunes tag fields for classical music 
- NEW: added support for press and hold gesture on cover art window to trigger context menu on touch devices.
- NEW: added portable installation mode that stores settings in application directory and doesn't write information to the registry.
- NEW: installer now asks for UAC admin elevation in case if its run from a non-admin user account.
- NEW: improved installer UI for high-resolution screens with high DPI settings (DPI awareness).
- NEW: added version information to installer.
- NEW: added size estimation to uninstaller.
- NEW: added placeholders to access file path of current active playlist, i.e., %_playlist_filename%, %_playlist_filename_ext% and %_playlist_folderpath%.


An invaluable tool that makes it quick and easy to edit your MP3 tags.