Whether you're an expert photographer with a top quality camera, or just happy to snap away with your mobile, it doesn't take long to build up a big collection of digital photos. So why keep them to yourself? Install jAlbum and it'll help you build stunning web albums in just a few minutes, then you can share the results with friends and family just by sending them your album URL.

You'll need to create a Jalbum account first, but that only takes a moment, and there's nothing to pay. After that, simply drag and drop your favourite photos onto Jalbum. Choose your favourite skin in the "Skin and style" box, click Make jAlbum > Preview, and a browser window will open to show your album.

If you'd like to try another design, then close the window and select another skin. Otherwise, click Publish, and Jalbum will upload your photos to its web server. Again, it's very easy, no hassles over entering server names, passwords or anything else, you just sit back and watch the progress bar as it reports each file transferred.

Once your photos are online then Jalbum will give you a link that you can pass to friends, so they can also view your work. Web counters will show you which photos get the most attention, and visitors can even leave comments to let you know what they think of their favourite shots.

Note that since JAlbum 14, there's no ad-sponsored free version. It's now provided as a trial.

JAlbum 14 changes (see release notes for more):

News and Updates

Introducing the new and fully responsive "Tiger" skin that's intended to replace Turtle
New stylish dark user interface look - Darcula. (If you prefer the old look, change back under Preferences)
New album object type: "Web locations". Web locations are objects that can refer to any web page, not just local ones. This opens for some really interesting new applications for jAlbum. See for example this albumcollecting popular TED talks on YouTube. 

To add a "Web location" to your album, drop the web page onto jAlbum or select New page->Web location. Why not use this feature to make a master album out of existing albums?
Bundled skins "Minimal", "Base", "PhotoBlogger", "Turtle" and the new "Tiger" skin now supports Web Locations.
jAlbum now has integrated GoogleMaps location tagging, see Edit->Location
jAlbum can now automatically embed xmp based copyright notices on all images (Settings->Images)
Better integration with external editors, for instance PhotoShop (alt-double click to export to choosen editor)
jAlbum's Text effect (Settings->Effects->Text) now supports background color
New importer to import metadata from various database backed photo management systems (see Add->From database file)
Batch rename now supports regular expressions (select several album objects and select rename to launch batch rename tool)
Adapted for Java 9
"Skin family" mechanism allowing skins belonging to the same family to share the same project settings. This simplifies moving from one skin to another without having to re-enter the same settings. This applies when moving from Turtle to the new Tiger skin for instance. Just open an existing Turtle project and switch to Tiger, then make the album again. ("Skin family" is a skin property)
Developers: New "include" and "exclude" attribute to ja:fileiterator element allowing a comma separated list of categories to be included or excluded, for instance <ja:fileiterator exclude="folder, webLocation">
Developers: New "category" attribute for ja:if element, simplifying testing on categories, for instance: <ja:if category="webLocation">. Please replace <ja:if exists="folder"> with <ja:if category="folder"> for better future compatibility.
Bundled with updated Java 8u131
Developers: new JDraggableList component allowing skin user interfaces to allow end user to arrange objects by drag and drop
Reverted to again presenting "extensions" directly under jAlbum's context menu. (Deleted rotate items for sake of space - available in the toolbar)
Translations for major languages updated. Thank you dear translators!

Bug fixes

jAlbum wouldn't start up properly on some recently updated Windows 10 systems
Fixed error importing settings from albums published on https: URLs
Improved handling of some malformatted JPEG images
Native Mac file chooser didn't respect initial directory
Fixed missing lock icon for password protected albums for accounts having more than 10 albums
Fixed line number calculation error if line number info is missing
Group by place now also respects xmp based GPS coordinates
Fix for WOFF font rendering for internal web browser (Mac)
Polished UI for Darcula
Fixed color error on Nimbus look & feel


Fast, easy to use, packed with features and entirely free, this has to be one of the best web thumbnail gallery generators around