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Audio gear ranges dramatically, from tiny in-ear headphones right up to mammoth 7.1 surround sound systems. But whatever equipment you need, the best sound quality costs money, which is where we come in - we've gathered the best deals around on headphones, speakers, and more, so check here regularly for the best prices, no matter what you're listening to.

Best Audio Deals

Headphones Deals

Philips Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

From: Currys

Was: £39.99

Now: £29.99 (£10 off)

These wireless on-ear headphones from Philips are cheap and cheerful, with a microphone, remote and volume control. They're foldable, too.

Logitech G430 Gaming Headset

From: Amazon

Was: £69.99

Now: £48.99 (30% off)

This headset for PC and PS4 is ideal for gamers, with Doblby headphone 7.1 surround sound, on-cable controls and a comfortable, lightweight design.

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Speaker Deals

UE Boom 2 Bluetooth Speaker


Was: £99

Now: £50 off when you buy 2 Use code MULTIUE50

Two UE Boom speakers would normally cost you £198, but you can get both for a total of just £148 with AO's code until 22 August.

UE Boom 2 Bluetooth Speaker

From: Amazon

Was: £169.99

Now: £99 (£70 off)

A durable waterproof and shockproof bluetooth speaker. See more great speaker options: Best cheap Bluetooth speakers 2017

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More Audio Deals

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Audio Deals 2017

There are enough speakers and headphones out there that you can always find audio gear with serious price reductions. But it's equally easy to get misled into a deal that isn't as good as it looks - here's what to look for.


Most likely you'll be in the market for a Bluetooth speaker so you can play music wirelessly from your phone, tablet, computer, or similar.

The best Bluetooth speakers start from around £150 (before discounts or deals), though you can also find plenty of Bluetooth speakers below £100, and you should look for features like 360-degree audio, Wi-Fi support, and a long battery life if you want something portable.

If you'd rather something to pair with your TV, a soundbar is often the simplest option - they feature a variety of inputs and even Bluetooth support to serve as a general speaker too. Otherwise, there's always 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound systems if you're really committed.

Finally, a word about smart speakers like the Amazon Echo and Google Home. These usually aren't the best speakers around, but their voice controls and smart home integration are undoubtedly appealing - just don't expect them to match the sound quality of top speakers at the same price.


Headphones come in even more varieties than speakers these days, but you're often looking for the same sort of features.

The best headphones tend to start from £100, and these days you can get great sound quality from in-ear, on-ear, or over-ear varieties - though there are plenty of cheaper headphones out there too.

It's likely you've considered picking up wireless headphones, which now have enough battery life to avoid being inconvenient - though the sound quality still can't quite match a cable. There are also more niche headphones designed specifically for sport or for kids.

No matter what type of headphones you buy, look for a wide frequency response, balanced sound profile (unless you know you like your audio with particularly heavy bass or treble), and make sure it's got the right sort of cable to fit your device.

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