Strictly speaking, if you're a student you shouldn't really be able to afford a tablet. They're more expensive than budget laptops and on the whole, they can only do fraction of what laptops can do. Plus, you're never going to be able to write an essay on one in a million years. Not to mention that there are far more important things to spend your precious money on; books, rent, food, beer, a proper laptop to name but a few!

However, that said, they are tempting little fiends so we can excuse you splashing out on a tablet this once. Make sure you heed our advice before you do, otherwise you could end up with a massive credit card bill and a rubbish tablet to boot.

5. BlackBerry PlayBook £399

BlackBerry PlayBook

You normally find a BlackBerry in the pocket or a pin-striped suit, but the PlayBook seems to be the black sheep of the RIM family. This is a device for everyone. The key feature that BlackBerry are shouting from the rooftops is that this tablet comes with full Adobe Flash, it's not just flash supported like other tablets (or no flash capabilities at all in the iPad's case). It's also a dead-quick device and as responsive as anything else on the market.

4. Sony Tablet S £399

Sony Tablet S Ok, so it's not out until September 16th. But if you want a tablet that will double up as a good entertainment device, then it is well worth sitting tight for this to come out. The Sony Tablet S will come with an Android OS so you can download a fortune of great apps, but more importantly because this is a Sony device, you will also have access to Sony's vast entertainment library. You can watch and play your tablet until your finger tips bleed.

3. Motorola Xoom £329

Motorola Xoom The Motorola Xoom has leap-frogged its way up the tablet pecking order thanks to the massive £80 price cut that Dixons announced. Before it was just a run of the mill tablet that had a large price tag, now it really catches your eye. The Motorola Xoom runs Android 3.0 (aka Honeycomb) operating system and has a 10.1in 1280x800 screen, which means it really should be taken into serious contention when deciding which tablet makes it into your student halls.

2. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 £399

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 As you've no doubt probably heard by now, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is a serious contender to the iPad's dominance. So much so that ever since it was launched, lawyers from the two technology giants seem to have spent every waking minute in a EU courtroom. When you compare the two closely though, Apple's iPad 2 comes out on top in nearly every category (speed, battery life, graphics performance and build quality) apart from one; its lack of an Adobe Flash player. If you want a Tablet that's nearly as good as the iPad but works with flash, then this is the one for you.

1. Apple iPad 2 Wi-Fi £399

Apple iPad 2 There was a danger, once upon a time, that the iPad wouldn't be the best tablet out there, this was soley due to its pricing. But thanks a timely price cut, the iPad remains the tab to have, both in terms of price and performance. Use of the iPad 2 (like all apple products) is effortless and the speed and grace of its computing is excellent. Not to mention that the App Store is an incredible resource that is not available to any other tablet.