Are you looking for a complete package for your business Windows network, and you're not too excited by a NAS based on Linux? Then the Buffalo TeraStation Pro Duo WSS may just be the ticket for you.

All you basically need to do is to take it out of the box, connect it to your network and you can get started. This simple approach is definitely an advantage in business environments. This product really fits in an environment that's standardised around Windows Server, and is perfect if you need an extra file server or extra back-up options. The price of the 4TB Buffalo TeraStation Pro Duo WSS is around £835, which is £260 less than the more advanced Buffalo TeraStation 5200 with the same capacity but with Linux. A big chunk of the price difference undoubtedly goes to Microsoft.

Buying advice: Buffalo TeraStation Pro Duo WSS

Most NAS devices run a Linux-based OS. However, there also are devices that have a special kind of Windows installed. The Buffalo TeraStation Pro Dua WSS is such a NAS device, and is especially interesting if you want to incorporate your NAS device into Windows business network. Hardware.Info tested the device to see how good it is at its job.

The WSS-part in the name of this NAS device indicates that we’re dealing with a special kind of Buffalo TeraStation. It stands for Windows Storage Server (2008 R2), which offers quite a bit more than Windows Storage Server Essentials, even though it doesn’t have the handy Dashboard feature. It can, however, handle 50 simultaneous SMB connections, and functions as an iSCSI client and server.

It also has specific business features such as file deduplication (Windows Single Instance Storage), which prevent files from being save twice and can save a lot of space. It's also possible to create a distributed file system (DFS). In short, the Bufallo TeraStation Pro Duo WSS is a smart, compact file server for your Windows network, which you can set up as back-up server as well. In order to be able For that Buffalo included back-up and replication software.

The TeraStation Pro Duo tested by Hardware.Info has two hard drives (Seagate 2TB Barracuda Green ST2000DL001), but you can also buy it with two 1 TB disks, and is pretty well equiped in the connector department (2 x USB 2.0, 2 x USB 3.0, and a serial port). The hardware includes a  1.66 GHz dual-core Intel Atom D510 processor and 2 GB RAM. Curiously enough, this is an older processor than the one Buffalo used in the 5200, which has an Intel Atom D2700.

In general, the TeraStation doesn’t do extremely well in the standard benchmarks Hardware.Info carries out. If you want to see how well it did exactly, go to and read the entire review on Hardware.Info. All in all, the Buffalo TeraStation Pro Duo may be just the ticket for you if you’re looking for the advantages of a NAS-device, but aren’t particularly fond of Linux-based models, but you shouldn’t really care all that much about transfer speeds. See the full: Buffalo TeraStation Pro Duo WSS review.

Buffalo TeraStation Pro Duo WSS