Eizo, known for making high-end professional monitors for graphical designers and office use, proves it can also make an outstanding gaming monitor with the Foris FS2333. The Eizo Foris FS2333 is a very stylish monitor, with sleek lines and sharp corners. See also: Group test: What's the best flat-panel display?

If there's one product group where truth takes a backseat to advertising, its computer monitors. If you were to believe everything on the packaging, then every single screen currently on the market has a response time of between two and five milliseconds. If that were true, then it would make little sense to make a dedicated gaming monitor. The fact that true gaming monitors such as the Eizo Foris FS2333 exist, prove that marketing departments are twisting the facts or at least only telling part of the story. Here is Hardware.Info's review of a real gaming monitor.

Eizo is primarily known as a manufacturer of professional monitors for graphical designers, and dominates that market together with NEC. The announcement of the Foris FS2333 earlier this year was therefore met with surprise. This was to be a monitor specifically aimed at gamers, with a reasonable price tag in Eizo terms.

The Eizo Foris FS2333 is a very stylish monitor, with sleek lines and sharp corners. If it weren't for the Eizo logo, you could mistake it for a ThinkVision screen from Lenovo. The front features speaker grills on the bottom for the two small built-in speakers, with in between the menu buttons for the screen. You can see the IR receiver as well, which is for the included remote. A handy feature for the LAN gamer is the grip on the back of the screen which makes it easy to pick up and carry.

While you can't rotate the screen into portrait mode, you can tilt, swivel and pivot the monitor as well as adjust the height. Connectors include HDMI, DVI and VGA. You don't get any Display Port, USB hub or webcam and mic. The panel of the FS2333 has a 16:9 aspect ratio and Full HD resolution. Most gaming monitors have a TN panel due to its fast response times, but Eizo instead used IPS with LED backlighting. 

Like Eizo's other models, it's possible to hook up the optional EasyPIX accessory in order to calibrate the Foris FS2333. For a gaming monitor it is a bit unusual, but Eizo doesn't make any concessions for the image quality. This monitor can definitely be used for photo and video editing, and with this accessory (which basically is an OEM version of a known colorimeter) it's possible to calibrate it for even more accurate colour rendering. 

The included remote operates the on-screen display of the monitor. Most of the time you're close enough to a computer monitor to be able to touch the buttons, so the added value is questionable. Well, that would have been the case had Eizio not left off the essential menu buttons (including the menu button) from the screen and only put these on the remote. All the screen has is two volume buttons, a power button and button for selecting the source.

Eizo is positioning the Foris FS2333 explicitly as an gaming monitor, and has gone further than just ensuring fast response times. It has incorporated an actual image processing engine, which is supposed to give you a graphical advantage in video games. Whether this is cheating or actually enhancing performance we'll leave open, but it's nice that the intention is there. It's unusual in a world of empty marketing rhetoric.

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Eizo Foris FS2333