The iPhone X is the iPhone Apple fans have been waiting on for a decade. Redesigns used to come every two year, but we’ve had the iPhone 6 design iterated on since 2014. Although the iPhone 8 is already out and looking familiar, the real revelation here is the bezel-less iPhone X.

OK, Android fans are annoying that Samsung, LG and others have done it already, but Apple is good at doing things very well on its own first attempt. The iPhone X was announced in September but isn’t available quite yet.

And rumour has it that it will be tough to get your hands on even when it is.

How much is the iPhone X?

It’s the thousand pound iPhone - £999 for 64GB storage or £1,149 for 256GB.

When is it available to buy?

Pre-orders for the iPhone X will start on Friday 27 October direct from Apple here

The phone will ship from 3 November, when it goes on full sale.

Where can you buy the iPhone X?

As said, Apple is the obvious go-to but it does mean spending at least £999. Ouch.

You may well want to spread the cost over a two-year contract. Check out your options here, where pre-orders go live from 27 October.

Register your interest with your preferred operator

The only other way to get in there now is to register your interest with who are intending to buy from.

Registering your email address will give you timely updates straight to your inbox about the iPhone X, and when to log on to hit the buy button.

All the major resellers and operators have one of these forms so simply click on your preferred one below to go to their site and fill in your details.

Contracts are quoted to range from around £60 - £80 per month, and even then you may be waiting a month or so until it’s in stock.

Register interest in the iPhone X via one of the below links:

Carphone Warehouse