If you're lucky enough to own a brand-new Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone, you'll want to keep it safe from bumps and scrapes, and keep it in pristine condition ready for trading in when the Samsung Galaxy S6 is released. We've rounded up a bunch of the best cheap Samsung Galaxy S5 cases and covers you can buy for less than £20. Also read about the Samsung Galaxy S5 PrimeSamsung Galaxy S5 mini, and Samsung Galaxy S5 Active, and check out our Samsung Galaxy S5 review.

Best Samsung Galaxy S5 cases and covers: Spigen Galaxy S5 Case Ultra Fit Series  

Spigen Ultra Fit Samsung Galaxy S5 case

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is a beautiful device, so why would you want to hide it away? This Ultra Fit clear plastic case from Spigen costs £8.99 with free delivery in the UK from Amazon, and protects your S5 while keeping it safe from accidental damage. Also see: Best smartphones of 2014. 

Best Samsung Galaxy S5 cases: Online Best Digital Designer Hard Case for Samsung Galaxy S5 

Online Best Digital designer hard cover for Samsung Galaxy S5

Online Best Digital sells a range of hard cases featuring attractive designs for as little as £2.99 on Amazon UK. They are super-lightweight at just 23g, and deliver protection against impacts, scratches, dirt, dust and everyday hazards. The case also protrudes slightly from the Galaxy S5's screen, protecting it from damaged when placed screen-down. Also see: Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Samsung Galaxy S5 comparison. 

Best Samsung Galaxy S5 cases and covers: Terrapin Samsung Galaxy S5 Low Profile PU Leather Wallet Case  

Terrapin Leather Wallet for Samsung Galaxy S5

It's only 8.1mm thick and 145g in weight, but the Samsung Galaxy S5's 5.1in screen means it'll take up a fair amount of room in your pocket. Claw back some pocket space by combining your phone and wallet with the Terrapin Samsung Galaxy S5 Low profile PU Leather Wallet Case, available for £7.99 with free UK delivery from Amazon UK. The Terrapin features a hard inner shell, while the flip cover conceals two slots for your credit cards and can fold into a stand for enjoying movies and more on your Galaxy S5.  

Best Samsung Galaxy S5 cases and covers: Deet TM27 

Deet TM27 for Samsung Galaxy S5

If you like the idea of a flip case, but would prefer one that flips open from top to bottom rather than from the side, check out the Deet TM27. It's available from Amazon for £9.75 plus 99p shipping in the UK. Magnets keep the case in place, while a rigid inner shell protects your Samsung Galaxy S5 from the sides. A screen protector is also supplied.  

Best Samsung Galaxy S5 cases and covers: Navitech Prestige Pull Tab/Cord Pouch Cover Case for Samsung Galaxy S5 

Navitech Prestige Pull Tab pouch for Samsung Galaxy S5

Some people don't like to keep their gadgets on display, even those as good-looking as the Galaxy S5. For these people there is the £6.95 Galaxy S5 Pull Tab Case from Navitech: it completely conceals the Samsung smartphone in its durable pouch, and you simply pull the cord to release it when required. The soft microfibre interior will even clean your phone's screen as it slides in and out. 

Best Samsung Galaxy S5 cases and covers: Spigen Samsung Galaxy S5 Case Bumper  

Spigen Case Bumper Samsung Galaxy S5

Keeping things simple is this air-cushioned Case Bumper from Spigen, available for £9.99 with free UK delivery from Amazon UK. Available in a range of colours to suit your Galaxy S5, including electric blue, grey, metal slate, mint, copper gold, black and crystal clear, the case bumper attaches to the Samsung Galaxy S5's rear and protrudes slightly above its screen, protecting both sides from accidental damage.  

Best Samsung Galaxy S5 cases and covers: Spigen Dual Layer Extreme Cover Heavy Duty Case for Samsung Galaxy S5  

Spigen Extreme case for Samsung Galaxy S5

Having a dirty or manual job shouldn't mean you have to buy only rugged smartphones; tough cases can make any premium smartphone a rugged device. We like this Dual Layer Extreme Cover from Spigen, available at Amazon for £17.49 with free UK delivery. Its gunmetal Touch Armour design looks the part, but more importantly this air-cushioned case offers extreme protection for the Samsung Galaxy S5 from drops and scratches. Spigen claims it is slimmer, yet more protective than other protective cases for the Samsung Galaxy S5. 

Best Samsung Galaxy S5 cases and covers: Cozee Bliss-Case  

Cozee Bliss-Case for Samsung Galaxy S5

Another take on the rugged case for the Samsung Galaxy S5 is this bizarre-looking tough shell from Cozee. It costs just £7.50 at Amazon, and its rugged silicone-clad case, built-in screen protector and rigid internal frame protect your S5 from shock/drops. Ideal for use by manual labourers, a multi-position clip lets you secure the Samsung Galaxy S5 to a strap or belt, and doubles as a stand. Sealed ports prevent sand and dust getting into the S5's delicate bits. 

Best Samsung Galaxy S5 cases and covers: ArmourDillo Hybrid Protective Case for Samsung Galaxy S5  

ArmourDillo Hybrid Protective Case for Samsung Galaxy S5

Yet another rough and ready case for the Galaxy S5, this Hybrid Protective Case from ArmourDillo costs just £12.99 from MobileFun. Designed for those with an active lifestyle, the ArmourDillo provides excellent shock absorption with its impact-resistant polycarbonate exoskeleton that protrudes to protect the corners and sides of your Samsung Galaxy S5. A textured finish is comfortable in the hand and improves grip, while a flip-out stand lets you jack up the S5 for comfortably viewing media.  

Best Samsung Galaxy S5 cases and covers: S-View Cover 

Samsung wireless S View case for Galaxy S5

Samsung's own £54 Galaxy S5 Wireless Charging S-View Flip Cover is identical to the company's £44 S-View Flip Cover, but it enables wireless charging on all Qi-compatible wireless charging pads. Available in black and white, the Samsung Galaxy S5 wireless S-View cover features a transparent panel so you can view the time, date, messages and deal with alarms and missed calls without flipping open the case, although an auto wake/sleep function will wake the S5's display when you do.   

Spigen S View for Samsung Galaxy S5

That's above our £20 price point, however. Spigen sells a cheaper version of the standard Samsung S-View flip case, which you can grab one on Amazon for £15.99.

Rock Elegant case for Samsung Galaxy S5

Or you can get this stylish Rock Elegant Samsung Galaxy S5 Smart View Flip Case for £14.99 from MobileFun.