The TX-L55DT50E is a TV from Panasonic with plenty to offer.

Until recently Panasonic was the only manufacturer to still solely use plasma technology for its large high-end televisions. LCD panels from this brand were only available in smaller TVs. Earlier this year this changed, partly due to the stringent European legislation for energy-efficiency and the introduction of Ecolabels. Plasma is still one of Panasonic's mainstays, but now a complete range of larger high-end LCD TVs is also available. The TX-L55DT50E model that Hardware.Info is reviewing here is a 55-inch model from the second-most advanced product line. Only the more expensive WT50E series has even higher-end specifications. See also Group test: what's the best TV?

The TX-L55DT50 might not be the flagship model, but it has plenty to offer as well. The TV is 3D compatible, comes with Panasonic’s Vierra Connect internet and media player features and has ‘100Hz Backlight Scanning’. You can find the 55DT50 for around £1,595, which is pretty hefty for a 55-inch model.

While the DT50 series is positioned below the WT50 series in terms of pricing and specifications, the design of the DT50 is more appealing. Both have a nice, thin edge around the screen, but the WT50 sits on a huge V-shaped base, while the DT50 has a more traditional, flat aluminium base. It's a matter of personal preference, of course.

When you turned the television around, you can see that all connectors are aimed to the side or downwards. This was done in order to make it possible to mount the TV as close as possible to the wall when you hang it up. The connectors consist of 4x HDMI, 3X USB, ethernet, VGA, SCART and Component inputs. Tuners are available for analogue TV, DVB-T, DVB-C and DVB-S. There is also an SD card slot, providing local storage for Viera Connect Apps.

Panasonic’s Viera Connect internet services work well. There are a fairly large amount of apps on offer, including Youtube, Skype, Twitter, Facebook, Dailymotion, Eurosport, CineTrailers, Shoutcast, Viewster, UStream, Aupeo, and a complete web browser. You can download more apps from the Vierra Connect Market, and new apps are being continuously added. 

The built-in media player on the DT50 is of high quality. It has a well-organised menu and an interface that responds quickly, and is compatible with a wide variety of files. It'll play MP3s, FLAC, MPG, MVK, DTS audio and much more.

To read about the performance, and how this Panasonic LCD TV compares to other high-end 55-inch televisions, read the full review on Hardware.Info.

Panasonic TX-L55DT50