The LG LM760S has almost all of the features of the high-end LM960V, but is slightly more affordable. We prefer the design of this model with its rounded base compared to the more expensive one. In terms of features, LG's televisions are great, with things like Smart TV, the ability to order on-demand films and passive 3D. See all TV reviews.

Hardware.Info recently reviewed LG's high-end TV for 2012, the LM960V. It proved to be a great television, but was also priced accordingly. LG has a slightly more affordable series that has many of the same features, the LM760. Hardware.Info tested the 55-inch LG 55LM760S. See also Group test: what's the best TV?

The LM760S series should definitely not be seen as a budget line from LG, considering the 55-inch model is available for around £1,727. It is about £725 less than the 55-inch model from the LM960 series. You can tell the difference mainly by their base. The LM960V has a V-shaped base, and the LM760S a more ring-shaped one. In terms of hardware the biggest difference is in the backlight, which is full LED for the LM690V and edge LED for the LM760V. The possible disadvantage of edge LED is that the brightness can be less uniform, and locally dimming the backlight is not possible. The software is a bit different as well, and LG also left out the voice control.

The LM760S also features LG’s Cinema Screen Design which means you can barely see the thin, black edge around the screen. The edge below the screen is a little wider and houses the IR receiver for the remote and the light sensor. An aluminium strip frames the entire screen. The screen itself is very thin and can also be mounted close to the wall.

The 55LM760S has all the connectors you expect to see on a new flat-screen television. They include four HDMI ports (one with ARC and one with MHL), three USB ports, a CI+ CAM slot, tuners for DVB-C, DVB-T and DVB-S, and integrated LAN and WLAN adapters. By using adapters you can also connect analogue sources, for example devices with SCART, composite or component plugs.

Like other TV manufacturers, LG is betting heavily on Smart TV and is quite good at it. The LM760S has a fast ARM processor that is powerful enough to quickly display the graphically demanding pages of LG Smart TV. LG has created a home screen from where you can open downloadable apps, the programme guide, settings, the internet, live television and external sources. You can order on-demand films, and LG is busy integrating HBO Go.

You'll also find the usual apps for Youtube, Facebook and Skype (Skype requires a separate camera). You also get a very nice feature called "3D World". Like Samsung, LG offers streaming 3D content so that you can take advantage of the TV's 3D feature right-away. The included 3D content includes documentaries and sports. It's not a huge library, but it's a nice way to experience 3D for the first time on your new TV.  

LG also integrated a complete web browser that works relatively well. The Magic Remote is an effective tool for navigating through web pages and the different menus on the TV. LG did not include the voice control feature that you find on the more expensive LM960V.

To learn more about the picture quality of the 55-inch LG 55LM760S, how it performs and how it compares to the LM960V, read the full review on Hardware.Info.