Nest Learning Thermostat UK with Heat Link

Google has brought its Nest Learning Thermostat to the UK. Here's what you need to know about Google's Nest release date, price and features.

We’ve been waiting for UK availability for the Nest smart thermostat since its US release in 2011. Three years later the heating programmer and thermostat is now on sale in the UK, boasting the same features as the US version.

The Nest Learning Thermostat learns your domestic schedule, programs itself and can be controlled from an app on your phone or tablet. The company claims that the Nest Thermostat can lower heating and cooling bills up to 20 percent.

Nest Labs, recently bought by Google for $3 billion, has also announced its first UK energy partnership with npower, which will offer the Nest Thermostat to its customers as part of their energy plans. It promises more UK energy company partnerships are coming.

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Google Nest Learning Thermostat UK release date

The UK release date for the Nest thermostat control is April 2, 2014. The UK price, including professional installation, is £249. It is also available for self install for £179, but Nest "highly recommends" professional installation because the Nest Thermostat connects to the heating system using high-voltage cables.

Stand for Nest Learning thermostat

The £29 Stand for Nest Learning Thermostat is an accessory for those who don’t have thermostat cables available in the wall or want to replace wireless thermostats.

Both products are sold separately and are available at more than 400 retail stores – and online through Apple, Amazon, B&Q, John Lewis and Nest UK. You can also get it via the Google Play store.

Nest Thermostat boiler and heating system compatibility

The Nest Learning Thermostat is compatible with almost all central heating systems, including:

• Combi and condensing boilers

• System and heat-only boilers

• Hydronic underfloor systems

• Air source and ground source heat pumps (heating only)

• Zoned systems (one Nest Thermostat per zone)

• Switched live systems

• Low-voltage (dry contact) systems

Nest Learning Thermostat: how it works

Nest Learning Thermostat UK temperature

The Nest Learning Thermostat turns the boiler on and off according to the temperature in your home. It learns your preferred temperatures and adjusts based on your personal schedule.

With its built-in sensors and Auto-Away technology the Nest Thermostat knows when the house is empty and automatically turns down the temperature, helping to save energy.

Nest is a thermostat and a programmer all in one, replacing the boiler's programmer and giving precise control of heating from one place. Nest Heat Link turns your boiler on and off when you change the temperature on your Nest Thermostat.

Nest Learning Thermostat UK settings

Nest allows you to control your home's temperature from your laptop, smartphone or tablet, however far away from home. When you turn up the temperature on your phone it’ll affect Nest’s learning and schedule, and that info will show up on your Nest at home. The Nest Mobile app wotks with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, and Android devices.

Using the app you can change the temperature, adjust your schedule and settings, and get your Energy History. Software updates load automatically if Nest is securely connected to Wi-Fi.

Nest Learning Thermostat UK schedule

The Nest features a motion sensor to detect when you’re home and when you’re away. With this information it will automatically turn your heating system on and off in accordance with your routine comings and goings. You can also adjust the temperature manually when you go to bed and when you leave the house, and the Nest will remember these patterns.

Nest thermostat mobile app

Nest Learning Thermostat features

Auto-Schedule: Nest programs itself “in a few days”, creating a personalized schedule based on the temperature changes you make, and “continually adapts to your changing life”.

Auto-Away: After you’ve left the house, built-in activity sensors notice that you’ve gone and Nest automatically adjusts the temperature to avoid heating an empty home.

Remote Control: Control your home's temperature from your laptop, mobile or tablet.

The Nest Leaf: A green leaf appears on the display when you turn Nest to a temperature that’s energy efficient, guiding you to energy savings.

Energy History: Energy History shows you how often, and for how long, your heating system was on. Customers also receive an Energy Report summarizing the last month’s heating usage versus the month before, and why it went up or down.

True Radiant: With True Radiant, the Nest Thermostat reduces temperature swings and starts heating early so you get the temperature you want when you want it, whether you have underfloor radiant system or a radiator.

Nest Protect: Families who have added both a Nest Learning Thermostat and Nest Protect: Smoke + Carbon Monoxide alarm to their Nest Account will benefit from these products working together. If Nest Protect’s carbon monoxide alarm goes off, your Nest thermostat automatically turns off your gas or oil boiler, a possible source of poisonous carbon monoxide leaks. The company claims that the Nest Protect activity sensors also improve the Auto-Away feature of your Nest thermostat.

Nest thermostat home wall

Nest Labs: history

Nest was founded by former Apple whiz Tony Fadell, author of more than 300 patents and the man who led the team that created the first 18 generations of the iPod and the first three generations of the iPhone. Before Apple, Tony built the Mobile Computing Group at Philips Electronics.

In January the company was bought by Google for $3.2 billion. Google had been interested in Nest since at least 2011, when it led a round of funding in the company, followed by another in 2012.

Google wants a bigger presence in the home. Earlier this year it unveiled the Chromecast, a £30 device for streaming television, movies and other content to your TV – its answer to Apple TV.

Nest also sells a smoke and carbon monoxide alarm, the Protect.