BT Home Hub 5 router

BT has launched its Home Hub 5 router so should you upgrade? Will it make your life easier?

The Home Hub 5 may look almost identical the previous generation (there's only a blue strip instead of a black one) but appearances can be deceiving because the router is quite different on the inside.

Home Hub 5: I'm a BT Broadband customer

If you're a customer with BT Broadband then the Home Hub 5 isn't available to you as an upgrade. However, you can still buy it if you're happy to pay the full price of £129 though. This is quite expensive and you won't get the most out of the router on regular broadband.

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Home Hub 5: I'm a BT Infinity customer

If you're an Infinity customer (1 or 2) then the Home Hub is going to make a nice little upgrade for you. For starters you can get it for £45 which is a great price for a modern router, especially when you consider what features and performance you get from it.

As you will know, having Infinity means having two boxes to get your super-fast fibre optic broadband. Well, the Home Hub 5 no longer requires that white Openreach modem box so you can smash it up and throw it in the bin, melt it down, sell it or whatever you fancy. This is because the Hub 5 has a built-in VDSL modem so it's a two-in-one modem and router. BT Sport review: Free sport on Android and iOS

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You can plug the Home Hub 5 straight into the wall which means less, clutter, fewer wires, lower power consumption and you can free up a plug socket - happy days.

That's almost reason enough to upgrade, but there're a couple more tricks which the Hub 5 has up its sleeve.

If you're plugging multiple devices into the router itself with a network cable then you will benefit from better performance. All of the four ethernet ports are now gigabit speed rather than just one.

The other significant upgrade is 11ac wireless (the latest and greatest in over-the-air technology). If you've recently bought a smartphone or a tablet, then there's a good chance it has 11ac Wi-Fi. At £45 the Hub 5 is one of cheapest ac routers around and the performance is very good. We recorded a 494Mbps file transfer at short distance with barely a drop in speed when at 10m and through a wall.

Head to BT if you want to upgrade.

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