iPhone 5c price is it a good deal

Apple has announced a new cheaper and lower capacity 8GB iPhone 5c, but is the price actually a good smartphone deal? We compare iPhone, Android and Windows Phone alternatives.

As expected, based on rumours which emerged only yesterday, Apple has launched an 8GB model of the plastic and colourful iPhone 5c. This means the more affordable iPhone can now be obtained for £429 instead of £469 but this doesn't represent a good deal and here's why. See also: 18 best smartphones: The best phone you can buy in 2014.

Apple sets high price for storage

You'll save £40 but bear in mind that the iPhone (any model) does not have a microSD card slot for adding more storage. Apple's App Store is bursting with great apps and you'll want to download lots, or re-download if you're upgrading from an older iPhone. You probably want to take photos and videos with the iPhone 5c and use it as an iPod for listening to music.  Those 8GB, of which some is taken up by iOS 7, will not last you long when you want to do all these things which you expect from a smartphone.

Storage aside, remember this is a phone with 18 month-old hardware (the iPhone 5) in a new shiny plastic shell. See also: iPhone 5C vs iPhone 5 comparison review.

Compare the £429 price tag to the Nexus 5 and things don't look such good value. The LG-made Nexus 5 costs just £299 and you'll get 16GB of storage. Like the iPhone, it doesn't offer expandable storage but doubling storage to 32GB will add £40, not the £80 which Apple charges for the same upgrade.

The 8GB iPhone 5c really starts to look a bit silly when we compare it to the Nokia Lumia 520 and Motorola Moto G. These budget but respectfully good smartphones are priced around the £100 mark meaning you can have a single iPhone 5c or four, yes four, Lumia 520s or Moto Gs.

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If your heart is set on an iPhone and you don't fancy an Android or Windows Phone alternative then we also have some advice for you. Apple still offers the iPhone 4S for £349 which also has 8GB of storage, but here's what you should really do; buy a second-hand iPhone 5 with a decent amount of capacity. A quick search online reveals the phone can be purchased for around £300.