This week Q has been working with the TechAdvisor team, she’s come all the way from Beijing to join us here in our London office. Clearly fashion conscious, and representative of the Chinese middle classes that everyone says will be racing to buy the Apple Watch, we asked her what she thought about the Apple Watch and whether it is her idea of a fashion icon. This is what she had to say…

Apple Watch: The design

For a cell phone the style isn’t that important, but for an accessory, the style is crucial.

I think that a square face is more fashionable than a round face. If you ask which shape of diamond the fashion icons prefer they will tell you square. The Apple Watch uses a square design, unlike many other smartwatches. I think that will make its style unique.

Fashion conscious people will also like the fact that you can change the watchstrap – there are lots of different colours and materials to choose from. You could choose pink or green, leather or metal. It will be easy to match the Apple Watch to your taste and the colour and material of your clothes.

However, you will have to have good matching skills – the result could look avantgarde, or it could look like you are wearing a toy.

Apple Watch: The price

If you are choosing between an Apple Watch and an Alexander McQueen bracelet, you might be wondering which one to buy? With the basic price of an iWatch about the same as a designer bracelet I think the answer is obviously the Apple Watch. It is too pretty to stop us buying.

Apple Watch: The brand

Whether you consider yourself is a fashion icon or not, wearing a fashionable brand is the first step to being an icon. Apple is the Alexa Chung of the smart product market. When you use an Apple product you will be covered by the value of the brand. The guy wearing an Apple product is really cool.

Apple Watch: Popularity

To be a fashion icon you need to have something cool and fresh to talk about – and if you are wearing an Apple Watch you will become the focus of attention. It won’t matter if you complimenting it or complaining about it. I think that guys wearing an Apple Watch will become very popular with the ladies.

Apple Watch: Its value as a collectable

Maybe Apple Watch is not a revolution, but it definitely a huge evolution. It is a good landmark for this new area of the watch industry. I think that this first generation of Apple Watch will become a valuable collection for fashion icons.