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Posted by Matt Egan 05 November 2014

Apps, Android and the big opportunity for everyone

Apps remain important, and there is an opportunity for everyone in the Android app world.

Posted by Ryan Macro 28 October 2014

Why Sony's PS4 2.0 update is every gamer's dream (well, mine at least)

The PlayStation 4's new Share Play feature is a game changer, literally.

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Posted by Matt Egan 28 October 2014

Would you like a wristband activity tracker with that? Get ready for free wearables from McDonalds and Starbucks

Why you'll soon be wearing McDonalds wristbands and Starbucks glasses. Probably.

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Posted by Jim Martin 27 October 2014

Microsoft needs Windows 10 to succeed, and it's ready to listen to your feedback

It's still early days, but Microsoft wants as many people as possible to trial Windows 10 and give their honest feedback.

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Posted by Jim Martin 23 October 2014

Why people aren't upgrading to iOS 8: new features are for power users, not the average Joe

Not everyone has been in a hurry to upgrade to iOS 8, despite Apple claiming it's the biggest release ever. Here are a few reasons why.

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Posted by Karen Haslam 23 October 2014

The so-called life of a journalist covering an Apple Event

Ever wondered what it's like to be a journalist covering Apple? Read on...

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Posted by Matt Egan 22 October 2014

The iPhone is doomed. Doomed to be marginally less successful than a very successful thing.

Don't believe the hype. Or the anti-hype. Apple's latest earnings call tells us only that things are about to get interesting for the iPhone.

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Posted by Chris Martin 17 October 2014

Why you shouldn't buy the iPad mini 3: No wonder Apple gave it 10 seconds of stage time

Apple brushed over the iPad mini 3 and we explain why and why it means you shouldn't buy it.

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Posted by Ashleigh Allsopp 15 October 2014

Why I look forward to Apple media events (hint: It's not just about the products)

Apple's media event invitations are one of my favourite things about the company's events. Here's why.

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Posted by Jim Martin 13 October 2014

iOS 8: iCloud storage should be free for backups, and 5GB isn't enough

Apple has changed the way iCloud works for devices running iOS 8, and that means 5GB of storage won't be enough any more.

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