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Posted by Neil Bennett 20 January 2015

Why it can be ok to use weak passwords (sometimes)

You're told to always use strong passwords – but sometimes it's ok to be weak.

Posted by Andrew Harrison 20 January 2015

How metadata can get you killed

In the name of fighting terrorism, the UK and US governments are using metadata to tell who's guilty or innocent, and to decide who lives or dies.

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Posted by Ashleigh Allsopp 14 January 2015

I'm finally excited about smartglasses & you should be too

Ashleigh Allsopp explains why she thinks smartglasses could be the future of technology after all.

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Posted by Jim Martin 12 January 2015

What Back to the Future Part II got right and wrong about tech in 2015

In many ways, Back to the Future Part II is surprising in the accuracy of its predictions, but it makes several cock-ups including - of course - that time travel isn't actually possible. Here are our favourites.

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Posted by Matt Egan 08 January 2015

Why going to CES to hunt for that wearable smart fork internet of things drone is lazy and misses the point

CES is not about hunting for cool gadgets. It's much more important than that.

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Posted by Matt Egan 05 January 2015

Why a smartphone is more important than a TV at Christmas

The most important device at Christmas is the smartphone, more than twice as important as the boring old TV. Here's why.

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Posted by Matt Egan 24 December 2014

Chromebooks: ready for the prime time (but not for everybody)

More people are getting more interested in Chromebooks. But there is still a steep hill to climb.

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Posted by Karen Haslam 23 December 2014

Apple in 2015: Apple Watch, iPad Pro and gold MacBook Airs

What's in store from Apple in 2015? Find out...

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Posted by David Price 22 December 2014

The 10 best ever games for iPad and iPhone

It's been a fantastic year for iOS games, with a flurry of fantastic new titles; at the same time, there are some older classics that will always hold a place in our hearts. As the year draws to a close, here's our countdown of the best ever iPad and iPhone games, both new and old

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Posted by Jim Martin 19 December 2014

LED vs Halogen: Why now could be the right time to invest in LED bulbs

LED bulbs have come of age, and now's the time to think about whether you should buy some. We explain everything you need to know.

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