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Posted by Ashleigh Allsopp 09 February 2015

I'm bored of the Apple Watch already

Did Apple announce the Apple Watch too early? Ashleigh Allsopp says yes.

Posted by Jim Martin 04 February 2015

2015 Focus RS launch in pictures: Mk3 has the most on-board tech of any performance Ford to date

In pictures: the first Focus RS to get all-wheel-drive and the Ford Sync 2 infotainment system

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Posted by Matt Egan 04 February 2015

If I *was* in trouble abroad, I'd call. I certainly wouldn't send an email asking for urgent help

Thanks for your concern. I am not, in fact, trapped abroad with no money or papers. It's just that someone I know keeps getting hacked. And if you keep being unlucky, it's probably your fault.

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Posted by Chris Martin 03 February 2015

5 of the worst tech videos and adverts ever: HTC rap, BlackBerry song and Microsoft awfulness

Get a load of these truly bad tech videos from the big names.

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Posted by Jim Martin 02 February 2015

Golden gadgets: smartphones, tablets, smart watches and other gadgets that come in gold

Gold is the new black, or so it seems in the world of technology. Here we round up all the gadgets you can buy in gold, including the forthcoming actual-gold Apple Watch.

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Posted by David Price 01 February 2015

Good news for Apple, bad news for Samsung (and the rest of us)

Apple seems to be close to winning its war with Samsung. But tech consumers - even Apple fans - should hope it isn't

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Posted by Matt Egan 30 January 2015

Windows 10: a guaranteed success. Probably.

Everyone's going to love Windows 10 and Microsoft is going to rule the world forever. Or something like that.

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Posted by Ashleigh Allsopp 27 January 2015

8 reasons you should start a blog

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend blogging to everyone. Here's why.

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Posted by Chris Martin 26 January 2015

Race to claim thinnest smartphone is pointless: Let's focus on the important things

Here's why a thinner smartphone doesn't mean it's better

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Posted by Jim Martin 21 January 2015

CarPlay and Android Auto: only a stepping stone to a fully connected car

The connected car is still in its infancy; Android Auto and CarPlay are just the beginning.

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