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Posted by Matt Egan 09 April 2015

Why Internet of Things Day isn't a thing, and mainstream politics doesn't get the internet

We will know that the Internet of Things is established only when people no longer refer to the Internet of Things. PLUS: politicians can't do the internet, because they aren't normal.

Posted by Jim Martin 30 March 2015

It's World Backup Day 2015! Don't wait another minute: back up now

March 31st is World Backup Day. With our phones, tablets, PCs and laptops storing more precious files than ever, make sure you have a backup.

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Posted by Lewis Painter 26 March 2015

Three of the most expensive Limited Edition games ever made: Who's buying a $1,000,000 game?

Games are progressively becoming more expensive to buy - but what's the most expensive game available? We've found three rather expensive but interesting Limited Edition games...

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Posted by Neil Bennett 19 March 2015

The real danger of AI isn't killer robots, but that one might steal your job

The professor heading Baidu's research into deep learning disagrees with Tesla's Elong Musk about why AIs could be dangerous.

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Posted by David Price 19 March 2015

Why Apple Watch pricing makes everyone so angry

The idea of a product that costs more without doing more things better is baffling for technology fans. But Apple is playing by the rules of the fashion industry, not the technology one

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Posted by Jim Martin 17 March 2015

Quadcopter pre-flight checklist: 7 things you must do before flying your drone

Don't fly your new quadcopter without reading this pre-flight checklist

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Posted by Chris Martin 16 March 2015

How Google won MWC 2015 with tiny Android pins

MWC 2015 presented itself with the usual array of new gadgets but it was a set of pin badges which changed the show for the better.

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Posted by Qianyue He 12 March 2015

What the fashionable Chinese think of Apple Watch

Here's what our Chinese intern, all the way from Beijing, thinks about the Apple Watch

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Posted by Jim Martin 09 March 2015

Google Translate vs professional translator: Human wins (but why you should still use the app)

Even the power of a mighty server farm is no match for a human brain when it comes to language. Here's how Google Translate fares against a real translator

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Posted by Ashleigh Allsopp 06 March 2015

The Galaxy S6 makes Samsung look stupid

Samsung copies iPhone's worst qualities & backtracks big time with Galaxy S6.

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