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Posted by Rowena Heal 05 June 2015

How we could be using wearable tech to save lives

Whether it’s reminding someone to take medication, monitoring their sleep patterns, knee braces with stress sensors or movement recorders, the potential of wearable tech in healthcare is vast.

Posted by Ashleigh Allsopp 27 May 2015

Why I think the Apple Watch sucks and you'd be mad to buy it

The Apple Watch is overpriced and doesn't beat the competition so why oh why are you buying it? Former Apple fangirl Ashleigh Allsopp on why she hates the Apple Watch.

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Posted by Lewis Painter 26 May 2015

Why Intel’s vision of the future is a future I want to live in

Intel recently showcased working prototypes of smart devices of the future - and if half of what was showcased makes it to market, the next 10 years are going to be impressive.

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Posted by Matt Egan 14 May 2015

In defence of BlackBerrys

BlackBerry is doomed as an independent smartphone maker. But BlackBerrys are good and it will be shame when they are no more.

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Posted by David Price 07 May 2015

Why Apple's fear of customisation is a problem for wearable tech

Apple has prospered by following a strategy of benevolent dictatorship: deciding on behalf of customers exactly how their products should behave. But this might not work for the Apple Watch.

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Posted by Neil Bennett 29 April 2015

Why Scottish Tablet is better than the iPad mini

Think the iPad mini is the best tablet around? Think again.

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Posted by Lewis Painter 28 April 2015

My weekend with the Apple Watch: The Apple Watch made me enjoy receiving notifications

I got to spend the weekend with the Apple Watch Sport to figure out what's so great about Apple's first wearable device.

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Posted by Ashleigh Allsopp 24 April 2015

Apple Watch release day: Twitter reacts

The best and funniest reactions to the Apple Watch release day on Twitter.

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Posted by Chris Martin 17 April 2015

Why Netflix won't terminate your account for using a VPN, probably

Using Netflix with a VPN to access more content is big news but the streaming giant is unlikely to kick you off for doing it.

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Posted by Ashleigh Allsopp 16 April 2015

WWDC detective: Investigating the WWDC 2015 logo & rumours

Ashleigh Allsopp analyses the new WWDC 2015 illustration on the hunt for hints and clues left behind by Apple

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