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Posted by Karen Haslam 01 September 2014

From the iPhone 6 to the iWatch and a new Apple TV we look at the products Apple is set to launch this autumn

From iPhone 6 to Apple TV we look at the products that Apple is likely to update over the next few months

Posted by Neil Bennett 29 August 2014

How Apple, Adobe, Microsoft and others have let us down over UltraHD and hiDPI screens

Everyone's failing to live up to the promise of high-density displays.

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Posted by Ashleigh Allsopp 27 August 2014

Nostalgia time: Top 10 best selling mobile phones in history

Remember the Nokia 3210 and the Motorola RAZR V3? They're among the top 10 best selling smartphones of all time.

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Posted by Matt Egan 26 August 2014

Apps watch: What the NFL can teach UK sports such as cricket and rugby

The NFL's Game Pass app is a great way to watch every game of American Football, live and on demand. UK sports need to learn and adapt to keep up.

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Posted by Andrew Harrison 21 August 2014

Gateway to your kingdom: why everybody should check and update their broadband router

Want faster broadband speeds? Crave wireless security? You need to do one thing today. Update your router's firmware for faster speeds, and greater security.

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Posted by Matt Egan 18 August 2014

Mobile email is powerful and useful - but also hopelessly intrusive

Mobile email is great, isn't it. Isn't it?

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Posted by Neil Bennett 15 August 2014

This is the perfect smartphone

We've designed the perfect smartphone using the best parts of what's available from Apple, HTC, Nokia, Samsung et al. Here's what we've created.

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Posted by Chris Martin 14 August 2014

Samsung finally goes metal but the Galaxy Alpha makes no sense

Samsung's new Galaxy Alpha smartphone looks nice but it makes no sense and here's why.

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Posted by Jim Martin 13 August 2014

Why I won't switch to Windows Phone: part II (it's still about the apps)

After two months of forcing myself to use Windows Phone 8.1, I can't help but want my iPhone back.

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Posted by David Price 08 August 2014

In the technology industry, everybody steals. And that's a good thing

Apple's legal dispute with Samsung seems to be winding down. Well, it's about time.

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From the iPhone 6 to the iWatch and a new Apple TV we look at the products Apple is set to launch...

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